Workout in Style: LUXLETIC

Happy New Year and Welcome Back Lilly Lovers!
We are SO excited you have chosen to shop with us again this year and we have so many great things in store for you. One New Year's resolution on every one's list is to workout, am I right?! This year, I have decided to invest in workout clothing and it actually has motivated me to go to the gym. These clothes are so beautiful that I ofeten wear them to lounge around in also! Below our are some details on the wonderful luxletic wear we have in stock!


DeeDee Swing Jacket- $108


Weekender Legging Tiki Pink Shake It Up- $98

Weekender Legging in Tiki Pink Space Dye- $98

Water Bottle in Shorely Blue Sandstorm- $38


We have lots in stock for you to look at! Come stop by the store or give us a call at (252) 355-6910. 

As always, thank you for shopping at your locally owned Signature Store and we hope to see you soon!



The Girls At Pink 



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