Let's talk SHIPPING!

Let's talk SHIPPING!

Let’s talk shipping!

We are a small business and really appreciate your business, we would not be here without you and want to make sure our policies are clearly stated on our website so please read them carefully so there are no misunderstandings on either end! We want you to be happy with your order and the delivery expectation!

 Here is a little bit about our shipping choices. 

Let's take Amazon and Big box stores out of the equation.  We offer FREE shipping on full-price orders over $50, if you choose this option we ship just like all other small and sometimes large stores we will ship it the least expensive way which is probably USPS first class or Advantage depending on the weight of your package.  When choosing this option your package DOES NOT come with insurance so once your package leaves our store, we are NO longer responsible for it. If you would like to have insurance, we have an option available to you, it costs $8 and is Priority Mail or UPS so you have some peace of mind.  If your package does not arrive that was shipped with insurance, we will initiate the claim and do whatever we need to on our end to ensure you are made whole but please give us a few days to do an investigation and try to locate your package sometimes packages just get delayed. Just like Free shipping if your tracking shows it was delivered and it is not there, please allow 3 days for it to show up or check with your neighbors to see if it was delivered to them by mistake before contacting us. After 3 days if it still has not shown up and if we have the missing item in stock we will send a new package out to you, if we do not have the item in stock, please allow us to try and special order it or locate it from another store we work with. If we cannot locate a replacement, we will refund your original form of payment and file the claim on our end.  We do not want to keep your money during this process! If we send you a replacement and the original package shows up, PLEASE contact us so we can send you a return label to ship the lost-in-space package back to us.

 Let’s just say it here, some shippers prematurely scan your tracking as delivered when it has not been, this is not our fault! If I could personally deliver your packages I would. 

 In closing PLEASE do not file a chargeback or a dispute with your bank before corresponding with us, we will do everything we can to make the situation right and cannot do so if we do not know there is an issue especially when the tracking shows it was delivered! If there is a defect or a damaged item please let us know immediately so we can take care of it but again we can’t if we do not know there is an issue.


Thank you for your time! There are a lot of small businesses that are dealing with elevating chargebacks, reports of missing packages etc. As always, we will work as hard as we can to make sure you are happy with your purchase and do not want anyone to have a negative customer service experience with us!  



Carrie Lewis

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