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Meet The Girls at Pink!

We strive to create the best experience for our customers and a chance to connect with us when shopping too!
Carrie Lewis
Carrie has owned Pink a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store since 2011! Before that, she owned a contemporary clothing boutique in Greenville that carried the Lilly Pulitzer brand. She felt there was a strong market here for a full Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store and the store, Pink Boutique quickly became Pink a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store. She credits Lilly Pulitzer for getting her through one of the toughest times in her life with the happy prints, cheerful customers, and fabulous support from Lilly Pulitzer corporate. Carrie goes out of her way to help any of her customers and appreciates every single one, near or far! She loves seeing your pictures and where your adventures take you when wearing Lilly Pulitzer from Pink! 
Her favorite season is Resort Fall and Resort as it it is the happiest time of the year (Thanksgiving and Christmas!). She says her favorite time is the holidays because she loves helping family and friends pick out the best gifts for their loved ones.
When not at the store, you can find Carrie at home painting Lilly Pulitzer prints, oyster shells, and anything beach related! She also has a heart of gold for animals and loves spending time with her dachshund, Molly. She has two children, Taylor, a senior in college and Thad, a senior in high school. 
Her ultimate goal is to team up with her daughter and open multiple Lilly Pulitzer Signature Stores around the east coast. With your help and continuing . to #ShopLocal, we can make this happen!
Follow Carrie on Social Media: @carriemouw
Taylor Lewis
Store Manager and Director of Social Media + Marketing
Fun Fact: Taylor is Carrie's daughter! Most people don't make the connection but when you see them together, you will be able to tell instantly! They are the best duo team and balance each other out so well.
Taylor has grown up with a love of fashion, especially for Lilly Pulitzer! When her mom, Carrie, first bought Pink Boutique, she was in just second grade. Some of her fondest memories include helping Carrie out at the store when she was younger and playing "dress up" at the store. She often refers to the store as her "second closet", as she loves all the fun styles and prints!
Taylor started off as a Lilly Pulitzer Stylist when she was 16. Fast forward 5 years and she is now the manager of the store! She loves being able to interact with customers and see their children and families grow. She also loves being able to go to Lilly Pulitzer corporate and buy for the store! 
Her favorite Holiday is Christmas as she loves the store decorated and the fun and busy nature of the season.
Taylor is a huge advocate for shopping local and supporting her own community. She loves when customers text her special orders or share their pictures!
When not at work, you can find Taylor making jewelry for her own jewelry line, Chesterton Jewelry, working on Pink's website, creating fun events for Pink, or at the beach. She hopes to one day combine her love for Lilly Pulitzer, the North Carolina coast, and the beach and open a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store in Beaufort, NC!
Follow Taylor on Social Media: @tal1029 or @taylorpinklp
Samantha Gorham
Lilly Pulitzer Stylist
Samantha has been with the store for almost THREE years! She started while in Graduate School for Teaching and didn't want to leave when she got her full time job as a 6th grade math teacher! Although she does have a full time job, you can find Samantha at the store on the weekends, holidays, and summers. She loves helping children in the store, and even plays fun games with them while their parents shop! When not at the store, you can find her working on lesson plans, walking her dog Sadie or attending fun events around Eastern North Carolina!
Follow Samantha on Social Media: @slgorham
Mary Belle Johnson
Lilly Pulitzer Stylist
Mary Belle is one of the most recent Pink Girls! She is a sophomore at East Carolina University and an active member of Chi Omega Sorority. She loves being able to connect with customers and seeing all the latest Lilly Pulitzer styles and trends! When not at the store, you can find her drawing or doing Calligraphy, as that is her favorite!
Follow Mary Belle on Social Media: @mbjohnson2000
Kadie Moore
Lilly Pulitzer Stylist
Kadie has been a LONG-TIME Lilly lover and customer! In 2019, she took a leap and began working at Pink in some afternoons and weekends! She has a full-time job at Vidant Hospital in Human Relations and says Pink is "not a job, its my therapy!". She loves being able to Personally Style and Personal Shop for customers and has headed up our newest program- Personal Shopping! Whether she is in the store or not, she is working to help improve the store in any way! She often picks outfits our for her colleagues and brings it to Vidant. She has so many innovative ideas and exciting  events that we are thrilled to incorporate into the store!
When not working, you can find Kadie having fun with her daughter or spending the weekends at the beach!
Follow Kadie on Social Media: @kdfitmindbarre